Thursday, September 07, 2006

what to tell?

last wednesday.. I went to the clinic to take a quick rest while waiting for my next subject. I was about to start my same old routine which is to read the newspaper and to have a break. Then just for a split second there it goes the first signal. Lolo Vic: justin! halika nga.. Justin: ano lolo vic? Lolo Vic: lagyan mo nga ng tubig to. Justin: okey. [Back to my seat..] Lolo Vic: Justin, bili ka nga ng ponstan 500 mg. Justin: Dito sa ospital? Lolo Vic: SAN PA BA? Justin: okey. After a while.. Lolo Vic: Hanap ka nga ng bulak jan at siguraduhin mo na lgeng may bulak sa lalagyan. Justin: (ok si lolo ah..) okey. [The best part..] Lolo Vic: hawakan mo nga ung baba nya.. Justin:( e hnawakan ko ng isang kamay lng). When he tries to pull the tooth from the patient.. Lolo Vic: putana ang tigas! Justin: ( onting tawa cyempre) 2nd try. Lolo Vic: hnde ko makita e.. manyari may butas sa gitna. o hwakan mo uli.. Justin ( e hnwakan ko uli ng isang kamay) Lolo Vic: ano b yan? hawakan mo kse ng dalawang kamay.. hinde jan! kabila! then finally.. Lolo Vic: putana ka! ang tigas mo ha! Then he gave all the instruments to me and I washed it and I put them to the sterilizer one by one. When he was calling me the patient even commented.."jan ka na lng kse sa tabi ni doc para hnde ung tntwag k pa.." ok e noh. It was a fun experience although it only lasted for a little period of time. But still, I got to be the dentist's assistant. I earned 100php. Not bad. absent si tita amelya e.


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