Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a birthday bash

friday night( 6-10) homebuilders - we played for the couples while they are eating. tuwang-tuwa si kaloy (10-10:30) practice for the debut. (10:30-11)brought yas to bf.(11-1)causeway (libre ni max). Between 11-1pm, it was max's birthday! nagkantahan kme nila kaloy nd tij with blending cyempre. So it's saturday! (1-4) mamaelsa at odds[Kaloy's thesaurus=mamaelsa refers to countersrike;ako susunod sa banyo;dimsum]. (4-4:10) tagaytay daw e we are all sleepy that moment. Kung may cranium daw go yun sabe ni max. (4:10-9) zzz... (1-3) I attended my class in P.E. then I went straight to kb. (5-8) bang coffee then fetched bubuy. (8-11) chilis. (11 - 4) mamaelsa referring to c.s. then vesper team later that evening. special bday ni max ha! max:i'm home. anonymous: koy u want? max: ano yun? anonymous: ung utang! max: teka lng teka lng anonymous: brod ung utang max:huwag po aguy


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