Saturday, July 08, 2006

Filling In At The Last Minute

I've read this from Modern Drummer and it is helpful for musicians, especially drummers. If you're at home watching T.V. with no plans for the evening and then suddenly someone called telling you their regular drummer or whoever it is can't make it and asking you if you can fill in. There are 7 steps to sit-in success. 1. Bring what you are comfortable with: snare, cymbals, throne, etc.(pang drummer cyempre) 2. Scan any charts before the gig. 3. Determine who will count off the tunes. If the task is assigned to someone who doesn't know how to count like makoy then you're asking for real trouble.hehe 4. Don't panic if things will go wrong which is normal for You-Know-Who, Big "take it all" Foot. 5. Don't showboat if things go well.. tsktsk you read that kaloy. 6. Be flexible and willing to take suggestions. 7. Be professional and leave good impression. And that is the best part. We should leave good impressions maybe not in terms of how well you play but the attitude you're showing them. And also be thankful. So thank you Father Bing! hehe


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